Fake! CeeLo Green Apologizes For Upsetting Fans with Exploding Smart Phone Video

  • by: Alan Duke

UPDATE: CeeLo Green revealed hours later that it was a faked video produced as part of a project he's working on. Green apologized for upsetting fans and said it caused him to have a "difficult day."

Here is the apology/explanation video:

The video allegedly showed a cell phone exploding as CeeLo held it against his head during a call at a recording studio. The hip hop singer-producer is seen on the purported surveillance video falling out of his chair and onto the floor after a bright flash.

While the brand of smart phone involved is not clear, Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 model has been recalled and banned from airplanes after a series of explosions.

The original video has been removed from Instagram, but you can see it in this video posted by a skeptic who early on thought it was a hoax.

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